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Guest Booker... Kevin Sullivan DVD

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"...Sullivan shows you candidly and openly the lost art of booking, and the psychology behind it. To me it was like living it all over again..." - Les Thatcher

Ever wonder what certain eras in wrestling would have been like if someone else was booking at the time?

We asked former booker Kevin Sullivan to re-book the WWE in 1984... without Hogan!

He accepted the challenge...

Join Kevin Sullivan in this remarkable DVD as he sits down in our mock booking office and proceeds to rewrite the year 1984 in the WWE. The task we're given him... make 1984 the breakout year it was for the WWE, but without Hogan. Watch as Sullivan hires, fires, and books scenario after scenario in the wrestling organization that he never actually booked for!

Kevin Sullivan is a former booker/wrestler and he now brings his experience and vast knowledge to our booking session in the first edition of Guest Booker!

Hop in our time machine and watch as Sullivan books twelve months of pro wrestling culminating in a Christmas Day Supercard, before your eyes. Watch the onscreen calendar as new Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and Tag Champs are decided, as of booking... You'll Watch It!

A must see for the smart fan!