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Guest Booker... Terry Taylor DVD-R

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Guest Booker with Terry Taylor - The UWF Sale to Crockett

It's 1987 and Jim Crockett Promotions is about to claim ownership of Bill Watts' legendary territory. With that will come an influx of talent from Watts' roster. In reality, that purchase was rather unspectacular and nothing interesting was ever made of the acquisition.

But through the magic of Guest Booker, we will have Terry Taylor, a booker who has worked creatively for WWE, WCW, and TNA, analyze the purchase and use his talents to try and conjur up a more complelling use of the expanded roster. Taylor was working for UWF at the time of the purchase, but we ask him to switch hats and display the skills and philosophies that made him such a valuable creative force in the eyes of the bosses at pro wrestling's majors. Join us as Terry Taylor gives a veritable booking master class.

  • Sell the Shoot
  • Talent earns their place
  • Heels lose on their feet
  • Babyfaces win on their backs