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Guest Booker... Greg Gagne DVD

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Vince McMahon visited the AWA offices in 1983. His offer to buy the AWA was being considered by the Gagnes.

Until Vince rolled down his car window and his mouth fired the opening salvo in the territorial wars.

Verne Gagne led the other promoters in a failed opposition attempt against the WWE.

Let's try it again.


Gagne, Crockett, Watts, Jarrett, Barnett. The biggest names behind the scenes in pro wrestling sat in a room in a1984 with one mission... beat Vince.

Months of talent raids and interceptions of TV arrangements stripped the territories of their power, and it was time to fight back.

But egos, skullduggery and divided interests destroyed the final attempts at preserving the system. Now our Guest Booker, Greg Gagne, details the secret meetings, the interactions, and the fiasco that was Pro Wrestling USA.

Through the magic of Guest Booker, we travel back and take another shot at consolidation the world of wrestling.

National TV, dozens of wrestlers, the cooperation of all the territories. Can that get it done?