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Guest Booker... Luke DVD

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Guest Booker: Bushwacker Luke! 

Re-Booking WWE 1993, HARDCORE!!

It's the early 1990's and the WWE has transitioned its product to friendly and cartoonish. But a few years away lies a darker, more violent bloody style of wrestling that would jumpstart the business. And what if Vince could see that? What if he were to predate ECW and launch his own hardcore style across the US? And who would he hire to book? 

Well, there was a booker who was working for him in a wrestling capacity at the time. This booker had traveled the world, and violence was his middle name. 

Luke Williams has booked all over the world, but his time booking in Puerto Rico alone gives him the credentials to spearhead our little experiment. If anyone can make the Godwins hardcore, it's Luke! 

Approx: 102 minutes.