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The Glory Days Of Wrestling 2-Disc Set

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(Note: This is not the collector's edition w/ the tin case, but the discs are exactly the same. )

Grab a seat on the couch and get ready to relive the Glory Days of Wrestling!

For more than a half-century, professional wrestling has captivated audiences around the world. The glory days of pro-wrestling are presented here in rare classic matches involving the stars who started it all in "Legends of the Mat." You'll see stars such as:

  • Gorgeous George
  • Antiono Rocco
  • "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers
  • Killer Kowalski
  • and more!

On "Weird, Bizzare & Wild Matches" you'll see the unique, including a steel cage, two-ring battle royal, midget women wrestling, six man tag team, lady wrestling and more! Watch the stars such as the 625lbs. Haystacks Calhoun, "Macho Man Randy Savage, The Masked Marvel and classic news short "Wrestling: It's a Laugh" to experience the bizarre world of wrestling.

Disc one: Legends Of the Mat

  • Gorgeous George vs. Jessie James (23:50)
  • Killer Kowalski vs. Ed Carpentier (15:30)
  • Buddy Rogers vs. Pat O'Conner (31:30)

Extra Features:

  • Antonia Rocca vs. Primo Carnera (2:00)
  • Antonia Rocca vs. Don Jonathan (3:25)
  • Antonia Rocca vs. Johnny Valentine (3:20)
  • Killer Kowalski vs. Verne Gagne (2:20)
  • Killer Kowalski vs. Gene Stanley (3:30)
  • Six Man Tag Team Match (3:30)

Disc 2: Weird, Bizarre & Wild Matches

  • Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Randy Savage (14:05)
  • Detroit Battle Royal (8:00)
  • Princess Little Dove vs. Diamond Lil (5:35)
  • Haystacks Calhoun vs. Killer Brooks (10:15)
  • Six Man Tag Team Match (18:35)

Extra Features:

  • Wrestling: Its a Laugh (8:05)
  • Tony Galato vs. Natie Brown (1:35)
  • The Great Togo vs. Bobby Mannagoff (1:05)
  • Gloria Baratini vs. Nell Stewart (1:20)
  • Masked Marvel vs. Gorgeous George (1:25)
  • Football Game: Wrestlers vs. Pro Team (1:05)

Approx. 165minutes of classic wrestlingaction!