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George Steele Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Every once in a while RF VIDEO is lucky to happen upon a wrestling personality that we never thought we'd be able to "get." Some of those are because the money is just ridiculous. Others will not break kayfabe under any circumstances, fiercely clutching to one of the most time honored traditions of the sport. And a few, just a few mind you, are just legitimately out of their mind insane. Years ago we made headlines scoring an interview with the crazed Abdullah the Butcher. No one ever thought we could get the Madman of the Sudan to let his guard down, but he did, and only for RF VIDEO. Another shocking "get" was none other than the homicidal, the suicidal, the genocidal, SABU. The very performer who changed wrestling itself in the '90s broke his decades long silence in our ground breaking shoot interview series.

Now, after years of trying to track one man down, we finally succeeded. A man who everyone knows, but no one has heard him talk. One of the wildest men to ever step into the ring of professional wrestling. Yes, we are talking about the one... the only... George "the Animal" Steele!

Talk about one great story after another, George was so into this interview that it became an absolute blast just to be a part of the experience. Long time WWF (and going even further back, WWWF) fans are going to be euphoric with all the stories we got from Steele. George talked about what impact the original Sheik had on him, both personally and professionally, and how he constantly worked on his act to make it in wrestling. He discussed how it was Bruno Sammartino who got him into McMahon's WWWF and gives exclusive detail on the real life heat the two men had at the time. We went into all the legendary matches with Bruno at the Garden along with the sell outs in Pittsburgh. You want the scoop on all the top faces of the time including Pedro Morales, Gorilla Monsoon, Andre the Giant, and Bob Backlund? Well, today is your lucky day as George is as informative and entertaining as anyone we've ever hear talk about the subject.

Coming from the old school, Steele described what it was like to work his gimmick 24/7 and what effect it had on his personal life. George talked about his constant breaks from wrestling, why they were needed, and some of the things he did on his off time. Wait until you hear how he fooled students when they asked if he was a wrestler! We also loved an incredible story on how Steele learned to play the backstage politics game after overhearing Vince Sr. and Jr. in the bathroom talking about his push. This is one story that will have you rolling! George also came from the time when great managers were littered all over the wrestling landscape, and we got stories on the best of them including Albano, the Grand Wizard, Mr. Fuji, and Freddie Blassie. Why did Capt Lou get fired every week? How did George react after Roddy Piper told him he was killing the business with his gimmick? Did Steele like working for Vince Sr or Vince Jr? What did George tell Vince after he filmed the Vachon wedding, and what did Vince do in return? You�ll have to listen to find out!

George talks about all his infamous matches in the WWF with Hulk Hogan and working backstage with Mean Gene Okerland. He talked about his matches with Jimmy Snuka and Sgt. Slaughter and told everything about what happened with him when he went to Georgia to work for Ole Anderson. How did Steele ruin his match