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Guest Booker: Bill Eadie DVD-R

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The Breakup of Demolition

There was once a time when bookers sat in the audience to gauge the reaction to their decision. They realized that it was the fans that decided whether their ideas were good or not.  Today, writers are disconnected from the desires of the paying fans, and their opinions and Internet postings are largely ignored.

Bill Eadie booked at a time when the fans were everything. He learned from the greats that sat up in the "cheap seats" to hear what the true fans were saying. And he shares that old school mentality on this edition of Guest Booker.

We give Bill the task of booking a breakup of one of wrestling's most formidable teams. That team, Demolition, Eadie helped build. And now he'll have to tear it down for his booking exercise.

  • The Demolition recipe
  • Booking Georgia and Global
  • Japan and Gagne
  • Splitting Demolition

Bill Eadie reminds us that there was little relevance to a heel or babyface designation when someone was as over as Demolition was. And now he'll try and tap into the fans' imagination and have them choose sides... in this Guest Booker!

90 minute runtime.