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Gangrel & Luna Shoot Interview DVD

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The husband and wife duo of Grangel and Luna Vachon talk about their entire careers. They give their honest thoughts and opinions on this sometimes emotional shoot. Better yet, they both sit down together on this one so it is like getting two shoots for the price of one!!! This created a unique shoot that was more like a round table discussion.

Here is what Gangrel talked about:

-His start in the business.
-Training with the Malenkos.
-Who were the best students at the time?
-Did he really drive five hours each way everyday to train?
-Why did he get the fangs?
-How seriously does he take the gothic lifestyle?
-Going to work for Florida Championship Wrestling.
-Feuds with Adrian Adonis and Joe DeFuria.
-Gangrel tells some road stories from Florida.
-How did the locker room and management treat him?
-Going to Stampede.
-Teaming with Tom Nash as The Blackhearts.
-What was the idea behind that gimmick?
-Going to TWA and UWF.
-Getting booked in All Japan.
-His first All Japan tour including the match vs. Doug Furnas & Dan Kroffat.
-The Vampire Warrior gimmick.
-Working in Puerto Rico.
-Comparing Puerto Rico to other places he worked.
-Going to work for Jerry Jarrett in USWA.
-Going to IWA Japan.
-Working in All Japan as a single with no gimmick.
-Going to WWFs Funkin Dojo.
-His time in ECW.
-Why was he in ECW for only a few shows?
-What does he think of Paul Heyman?
-Did ECW seem different from other places hes worked?
-Going to WWF.
-Where did the Gangrel name come from?
-First memories of working Edge.
-The angle where he brought in Christian as Edges brother.
-Forming The Brood.
-The blood bath gimmick.
-Working Al Snow.
-What did he think of the whole gimmick and how it was portrayed.
-Working X-Pac.
-Feud vs. Edge.
-Did The Brood gimmick fit his real life personality.
-Did he see potential in Edge and Christian.
-How did they change as they got over.
-His thoughts on the crazy TLC matches.
-Working with Undertaker in the Ministry Of Darkness.
-Did he think Undertaker tried to hold him down.
-Was he surprised The Brood didnt last longer?
-What happened to the idea of having The Hardy Boyz join The Brood?
-Why was the whole Brood gimmick dropped?
-His injury in WWF.
-Why wasnt he given another shot?
-His release from WWF.
-Thoughts on Vince McMahon and Jim Ross.
-Did Luna get him in any trouble backstage.
-How have he and Luna stayed together when every other relationship in the business falls apart?

Here is what Luna Vachon talked about:

-How did her dad react when she went into wrestling?
-Training with Fabulous Moolah and her aunt, Vivien Vachon.
-What was it like training with Vivien Vachon, who was her idol growing up.
-Going on the road in her teens.
-Did her family help her with connections?
-What role did Roddy Piper play in training her?
-Wrestling for Moolahs all women promotion.
-Going to Florida Championship Wrestling.
-Teaming with Lock as the Daughters Of Darkness.
-Joining Kevin Sullivans group.
-Luna discusses the interview where she saved her head on TV.
-What did she think of the whole gimmick?
-Did anything Sullivan did go too far?
-She talks about the Florida locker room.
-Was she treated differently because she is a woman?
-Memories of Bob Roop and Mark Lewin.
-Working with Nancy Sullivan, aka Woman.
-Working with the Windhams.
-She talks about the paydays.
-Why does she think Florida went out of business?
-Going to Japan.
-Did she prefer Japan or the United States.
-Differences between Japan and Florida.
-Why did she leave Japan?
-Working for different promotions.
-Going to WWF.
-Did she get along with Madusa?
-All the details on managing and working with Shawn Michaels.
-Working indies with Eddie Gilbert and Cactus Jack.
-Being paired with B