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Gaijin Legends of the 70s Double DVD-R

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A special double disc collection of "Gaijin Legends," wrestlers foreign in Japan. These legends made a huge impact in the Japanese wrestling scene and now you can see just why! Also includes many historic bouts between gaijin legends versus Japanese legends!
Disc One
  1. Jack Brisco vs. Jumbo Tsuruta
  2. Andre the Giant vs. Antonio Inoki
  3. Dory Funk Jr. vs. Baron Von Raschke
  4. Killer Kowalski & Mr. Wrestling vs. The Destroyer & Samson Kutsuwada
  5. Seiji Sakaguchi & Riki Choshu vs. the Iron Sheik & The Spoiler
  6. Shoehi Baba vs. Bruno Sammartino

Disc Two

  1. Jumbo Tsuruta vs. Bob Orton Jr.
  2. Mr. Wrestling vs. Mighty Inoue
  3. The Destroyer vs. Great Kusatsu
  4. NWF Champion Antonio Inoki vs. Lou Thesz
  5. Shoehi Baba vs. Harley Race
  6. Bob Backlund vs. Antonio Inoki