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Frankie Kazarian Shoot Interview DVD-R

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RF VIDEO is happy to release the first ever sit down shoot interview with Frankie Kazarian.  This interview was conducted just a week after his contract expired in TNA!! Frankie has wrestled all over the world including for WWE, TNA and now ROH and has worked the indy scene for the top CA promotions like PWG and of course all the indy companies on the East coast!!!!

Before I get into his solo interview, you will be getting a bonus interview on this DVD that is explosive!!!!  We get Christopher Daniels and Frankie together for a one on one talk about their time together in TNA and its the most explosive “shoot interview” ever!!!  I think if we handed these two grenades they might have pulled the pin when they were talking about TNA and the way they were treated there.  I can’t put over how open and honest they were and it gets very, very heated as Chris explodes a lot during this portion of the DVD!!!

During the interview Frankie talks about breaking into the business and moving from the West Coast to the East coast to train with Killer Kowalski.  You will hear all about the hardships that he had to face as he was breaking into the business.  Frankie talks about going back to the West Coast and working with Rick Bassman and being around a young John Cena and Samoa Joe who were just breaking into the business at that time.  He had a long time friendship with Nova who just finished up with ECW around this time and he talks about their time together in UPW and the infamous tag match that had all sorts of drama with Danny Doring and Roadkill.  For the first time ever Frankie gives his side of the story.

He talks about the early days of PWG with the talent there like Super Dragon, Joey Ryan and working with the CA crew of Modest, Pearce, Donovan Morgan, Sara Del Rey and countless others….Frankie worked the indy scene for a little while before he worked in ROH and eventually worked for TNA.

In TNA Frankie quickly became a top contender working with the big dogs and secured his spot in the company when he was put into top matches with AJ Styles for the X Division title which he won.  He left TNA for some time early on and went to the WWE where he was part of OVW before being almost called to TV when Vince McMahon loved his work.  Frankie was told he needed to cut his hair by someone in the company and quickly decided to ask for his release.  Looking back he will tell you his feelings on wether he thought he made the right decision today. 

After working the indy scene in CA again TNA opened up their doors to him once again in 2006 where he quickly rises to fame.  Frankie was there for the entire Jeff Jarrett Karen Angle fiasco and gives his thoughts on it.  Did you like doing the gimmick for Christopher Daniels?  What was it like working with Brian Kendrick, Red, Homicide, Generation Me, Motor City Machine Guns, Doug Williams and the entire TNA roster?

Frankie also had to deal with the politics of TNA.  He was there for all of the regime changes.  He talks about working with and Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo, Bruce Prichard, Eric Bischoff, Terry Taylor, Big John and who ever else was on the corporate ladder that always seemed to change just like his partner Christopher Daniels.  He has views on working with a lot of these guys and is very outspoken on it.  Did he like being apart of Fortune and what was it like to get to work with the Nature Boy Ric Flair?

The bonus interview with Chris and Frankie together is pure gold.  They talk about what it was like working each other for the first time ever as they compare stories and its hilarious.  You will hear all about the rise of Bad Influence and who created the team.  What was the real storyline going to be with Dixie Carter, AJ Styles and Claire Lynch.  Why were they so mad about not being able to wear certain shirts on TV?  The best part of this DVD is when they both talk about how they were treated on the way out of the company and you might need to turn down your TV because it gets heated as both guys are basically talking direct to Dixie Carter and finally getting their frustrations off their chest.  

I know that everyone in the TNA front office will be getting a copy of this DVD as our sneak preview already has the wrestling world talking because of how passionate they were about working for the company.  Their comments already turned a few heads and RF VIDEO is going to give you the explosive shoot interview not only with Frankie but the special bonus face off with Chris and Frankie that does not burn bridges, they blow them up.  After hearing their side of the story, you can see why they were very upset about their final months with the company that they gave their heart, body and soul too.  RF VIDEO hits another grand slam out of the park with this shoot interview, order yours today!!!

What are you first memories of pro wrestling?
When you did you first decide you wanted to become a wrestler?
What made you pick Killer Kowalski’s school?  How did you first hear of 
What was the training like?
You had your first match after eight months.  What made Kowalski decide 
you were ready?
What were the biggest mistakes you made when you were younger?
What was the New England indy scene like?  Did you spend a lot of time 
What was the indy scene like in California when you returned there?
Compare the West Coast and East Coast indy scenes at that point?
Is it true you, as a fan, once approached Mike Tenay at a WCW event and 
told him he was going to be calling your matches one day?
What was his reaction?
Did you ever remind him of the story or did he remember you when he met 
you years later?
How did you first meet Rick Bassman and get involved with UPW?
What was the roster like at the time?
Discuss your memories of John Cena at that stage of his career.
Did you think he had the potential to become such a huge star?
Is it true you used to freestyle rap with Cena?
Want to throw some rhymes out now?
How about the early days of Samoa Joe?
How has Joe changed over the years since you first met him?
Was there anyone from that promotion that you thought would have made 
it but didn’t?
Bassman is quite the character – what’s your favorite Rick Bassman 
How did you and Mike Bucci end up teaming together?
Where did the Evolution name come from?
Do you ever wish you had trademarked it, since WWE turned it into such 
a huge franchise for them years later?
What was the best and worst thing about teaming with Nova?
Talk about working for Steve DeAngelis in Alaska and the Carribean in 
matches with The Backseat Boyz?
Did you think the Backseats could have made it to a national level?
Early memories of the following from the CA indy scene:
Christopher Daniels
Mike Modest
Adam Pearce
Donovan Morgan
Super Dragon
Sara del Rey
Joey Ryan
What happened the night Doring and Roadkill came into UPW to wrestle 
Do you think Mike Bucci gets himself in trouble with his mouth?
Memories of the early days of Pro Wrestling Guerrilla?  What made that 
promotion so special from day one?
Memories of the PWG title tournament?
Why do you think they pegged you to be the first champion?
Memories of the feud with Adam Pearce?
How did you get hooked up with the World Wrestling Allstars promotion?
What were your favorite memories of those tours?
You had a chance to work in Japan during that era as well.  What was 
the best and worst thing about working Japan?
Whats your worst international traveling experience?
First memories of meeting Jeremy Borash, Glen Gilberti, Jeff Jarrett 
and Scott D’Amore?
You worked some shots for ROH.  What was your impression of the 
company?  Why weren’t you in more?
What were your thoughts on Gabe as a booker?
Did you think the company could grow?
Memories of working for Donnie B’s Phoenix Championship Wrestling?
How did you first get into TNA?  What were your first impressions of 
the company?
What was the locker room like?
Why did Nova go to WWE while you went to TNA?
What was your first take on Jarrett as TNA owner?  How was he as a boss?
What were your first impressions of Dixie Carter?  Did you feel she was 
trying to learn the business?
How did the duo with Michael Shane come together?
Do you think he was given a fair shake from the wrestling business?
Did you like working with Traci Brooks at first?
What are your favorite Traci stories from that era?
Do you think she’ll ever want to come back to the business?
Memories of the first Ultimate X match.  Is it true you never even had 
a chance to work out spots for the match before you went to the ring?
What was it like for you, Shane and Chris Sabin before you went to the 
ring for it?  What are your memories after you returned to the locker 
Whats the secret to working that style of match?
Do you think TNA has failed at making that match a major attraction?
You won the X-Division title in 2004 for the first time, beating 
Amazing Red.  What’s your memories of that first run.  Did you feel 
that you had found your niche within TNA?
Memories of working AJ Styles for the belt?
Where did the idea for you and Shane being co-champions come from?  Did 
you think it was a good gimmick or silly?
Your TNA contract ran out in 2005 but you remained with the company – 
were you negotiating a new deal or did you just want to be an 
independent talent?
Memories of feuding with 3 Live Kru.  Was it hard adjusting to their 
style in the ring since they weren’t as physical and high flying?
Did you have a problem with putting over Hermie Sadler, since he wasn’t 
a wrestler?
You left TNA.  How did you end up with TNA?
What was the locker room like compared to TNA?
Were you hoping to possibly reunite the team with Mike Bucci?
Memories of working in OVW and training there?
You debuted on TV against Nunzio.  Is there any difference working TNA 
TV and WWE TV?  Compare the experiences.
WWE had you winning a series of matches against Scott Taylor, Paul 
London and Funaki.  Did they give you any idea where they were going 
with you and when you would be on Raw or Smackdown?
It’s been reported Vince McMahon loved your work and asked you to get a 
haircut so they could get going with your character.  You then asked 
for a release, not wanting to cut your hair.  Why didn’t you just get 
the haircut?
What was their reaction when you asked for the release?
Do you think looking back it was a rash decision?
If Kaz of 2014 could talk to Kaz of that day, what would you advise him 
to do?
Why did you decide to cut your hair off in a PWG angle a year later?
Memories of returning to the California indies and memories of working 
against El Generico, Human Tornado, Kevin Steen, Scorpio Sky, Karl 
How did you end up back in TNA in 2006?
Did they welcome you back with open arms or did they make you work to 
earn the contract?
Thoughts on the run as part of Serotonin.
How hard was it to work with Raven?
Did you think that TNA dropped the ball coming out of that gimmick with 
Memories of the feud with Bobby Roode over Traci Brooks?
Memories of working with Kurt Angle for the TNA title on Impact?
How do you rate Angle as a worker?
Christian Cage came to TNA.  Do you think he came to work hard or just 
take a vacation from WWE?
Did you ever have a problem with WWE talents coming in and then not 
working anywhere near as hard as they would in WWE?  Booker T for 
Memories of the feud with Dustin Rhodes when he was Black Reign?
What did you think of the Lockdown concept?  Did you agree with doing 
cage matches when there isn’t a personal issue involved?
Thoughts on the TNA Terror Drome/Caged Asylum.  How hard was it to work 
in that structure and what’s it like climbing out of it?
The hits keep on coming.  What’s your thoughts on the King of the 
Mountain match?
What’s your thoughts in the entire Karen Angle-Jeff Jarrett-Kurt Angle 
TNA had you be released in storyline and put you under a hood as 
Suicide.  Were you happy about doing the character?
Were upset they put Chris Daniels in the character when you were 
Why did TNA make the decision to bring you back as yourself?  Was that 
something you pushed for?
You were put back in the X-Division.  What was your thoughts on how TNA 
handled the division?  Did they ever seem to get it right?
Memories of working against:
Brian Kendrick
Motor City Machineguns
Generation Me
Amazing Red
Shannon Moore
Doug Williams
Who came up with the idea of you winning the X-title but Doug Williams 
refusing to give you the belt unless you beat him…and then Williams 
beating you for the title without you ever holding it.  Ideas like this 
are obviously far fetched so when do you as the wrestler get to voice 
this and change it?
Thoughts on Jay Lethal as a worker.  Were you shocked TNA let him go?
What was your take on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff coming in?
Why did the TNA Monday night move fail?
Did Hogan and Bischoff seem like they had any good ideas at all?
How did you feel about working with Flair?
Did you like the Fortune angle?
What are your thoughts on the way Nigel McGuinness’ career ended?
Do you think TNA did right by him?
Why did the Fortune thing not work out?
What do you think of Bully Ray’s work and how he’s reinvented himself?
Thoughts on TNA replacing Vince Russo with Bruce Prichard as head of
Why didn’t Prichard work out?
Thoughts on TNA doing a ECW style PPV with Hardcore Justice- did you
think it was disrespectful to the TNA talents to do that?
Thoughts on the ECW guys vs. Fortune feud?
Did you think any of the ECW guys should have been kept as regulars on
the roster?
Did Rob Van Dam work hard in TNA or was he in that group of former WWE 
guys who were lazy?
Were you surprised when Eric Bischoff was removed from power in TNA?
Why did he fail?
Has TNA ever gotten the Bound for Glory series right?   Do you think
they should scratch the concept?
How has Dixie Carter changed now that she’s on camera?  We’ve heard she
isn’t as approachable as she used to be to the wrestlers?
How did the company change once John Gaburick came in?
It’s been reported Vince Russo is consulting and has some say in what’s
being written – how do you feel about TNA turning back to him again if
that is so?
Were you insulted they asked you to put over the Menagerie on the way 
If it was up to you, who should be booking TNA today?
In 2003, you had your first match against each other in TNA on a PPV in 
Nashville.  What are your memories of the match?
Where did the idea for you teaming together in TNA come from?
How easy was it to put together your team in terms of putting matches 
and signature spots together?
What’s the best and worst thing about working with each other?
Chris, compare Frankie to Elix, AJ and Low Ki as a tag team partner?
Frankie, compare Chris to Michael Shane and Nova as a tag team partner?
The initial angle appeared to be Daniels was forcing Kazarian to go 
against his friend AJ Styles.  Why was that dropped?
Who came up with the storyline where you insinuated AJ Styles and Dixie 
Carter had an affair?
Did you know it was going to turn into the Claire Lynch angle?
If not, when did you find out?
What was your take on the angle as it was pitched to you?
Do you think it ever really took off?
What did you think of the woman paid to play Claire Lynch?
Is it true fans were harassing her online and that's why she quit?
Did you think it was fair for her to just walk out on the storyline?
Do you think that storyline being killed off so quickly hurt the team?
Where did the Bad Influence name come from?
Where did you come up with the Appletini gimmick?
When did you realize that things had changed within TNA and they 
weren’t looking to focus on the team?
Is it true you had heat for wearing comic book t-shirts after being 
told not to?  What’s your side of the story?
Who do you blame when TNA stops using veterans like yourself?
Should guys who worked hard for TNA have to suffer for bad business 
decisions when the company is hurting or is it the responsibility of 
veterans like yourself to take one for the team when things are bad?
How often was your pay behind in the last few years?
Is it true TNA didn’t tell you they weren’t renewing your contract 
until it was just about expired?
What do you think that says about their respect for the body of work 
you gave them over the run there?
What do you think the future holds for TNA?
Do you respect Dixie Carter?
Did you believe the letter where Janice Carter said the company was 
never for sale?
You and Kazarian are going back to ROH as a team – are you excited 
about working there again?
How do you feel it’s changed since the last time you were there?
How did you feel about your experiences working the House of Hardcore 
Is going back to Japan something you are looking into?
What’s your favorite experience on the road together?
Any final words for fans of the team?