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Francine Shoot Interview DVD-R

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The "Queen of Extreme" Francinediscusses her entire career from start to present day in thisshoot interview. Hear all the stories from breaking into the business, going to ECW, managing stars such as Raven, Pitbulls, Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible. Francine tells stories of all the locker room fights she witnessed and all the inside scoops that nobody else has told before. Get her feelings on topics such as ECW's first pay per view, XPW showing up to ECW's PPV, to the final PPVs and house shows. Francine lets out her reason to why she was mad at Paul E and her feelings on other ECW superstars as well. This is one shoot you will not want to miss for any ECW fan. Here are just some of the topicsdiscussed in this shoot interview:

  • How did you break into the wrestling business?
  • Her training with JT Smith
  • Was she treated differently because she was a woman
  • Meeting Tod Gordon
  • Working the indies
  • Thoughts on Rockin Rebel
  • How she broke into ECW
  • Her first appearance in ECW as Ms. Montgomeryville
  • Did she think ECW would get as big as it got
  • Her role as Stevie Richards' girlfriend
  • First impressions of Raven
  • Her thoughts on the Raven gimmick
  • Her thoughts on the angle with Beulah McGuillicutty
  • Her match vs. Beulah