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Forever Hardcore Directors Cut DVD Set

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Double DVD Set

New double DVD set includes the original Forever Hardcore DVD plus 2nd disc with new footage never released plus bonus matches!!

Disc 1

They revolutionized professional wrestling forever. A group of misfits, outcasts, and renegades led by a fearless visionary that ushered in a new era of professional wrestling from a dive bingo hall in south Philadelphia. Now, you will finally get the story from the mouths of the hardcore icons that lived it. FOREVER HARDCORE recounts the amazing story of how Tod Gordon's Eastern Championship Wrestling got hardcore and went on to impact the wrestling business forever. FOREVER HARDCORE takes you on an unsanitized journey through the highs and lows of a group of athletes that were never supposed to make it, and their reflections of why they will always be FOREVER HARDCORE.

From Shane Douglas' account of throwing down the NWA World Title... To Raven's bitter take on the crucifixion incident ... to New Jack's state of mind during the Mass Transit bloodbath... FOREVER HARDCORE gives you the amazing stories and first hand accounts of every major aspect of the revolution that changed wrestling FOREVER.

"Every person that appeared on this documentary has a story to tell. This era clearly defined and changed the lives of every person involved, from the champions to the fans," said producer/director Jeremy Borash, who cites his own story of being a disgruntled WCW employee flying himself to Viking Hall in Philadelphia, just to rekindle the feeling of being a fan again. "Properly preserving the legacy that these incredible journeymen created was the vision of everyone involved with this incredible project."

FOREVER HARDCORE is fearless in exposing the true history of this wrestling revolution, as the faces that shaped an era share their memories through the laughter and the tears.

Disc 2

Disc 2 has a new hour of interview footage plus bonus matches

  • Terry Funk vs. Sabu
  • Shane Douglas vs. Chris Candido
  • New Jack vs. Sandman
  • Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Hamrick