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The Essential Cobra Collection DVD-R

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During the early 1980's, The Cobra (George Takano) was one of the pioneers of the high-flying style in Japan along with Dynamite Kid and Tiger Mask. Now is your chance to check out some of the greatest matches he took part in during that time! See a classic 20 minute + match against Davey Boy Smith, three heated matches with Kuniaki Kobayashi and Black Tiger, a fantastic NWA Junior Title defense against Hiro Saito and the match to crown the very first IWGP Junior Champion between Cobra and Shiro Koshinaka! If you don't know The Cobra, you owe it to yourself to check these matches out. Odds are after watching - you won't soon forget him!
  1. The Cobra vs. Davey Boy Smith, 11/3/83 (25:12)
  2. The Cobra vs. Kuniaki Kobayashi, 2/9/84 (19:50)
  3. The Cobra vs. Kuniaki Kobayashi, 8/2/84 (16:55)
  4. The Cobra vs. Black Tiger, 11/1/84 (17:50)
  5. The Cobra vs. Hiro Saito, 2/6/85 (20:00)
  6. The Cobra vs. Shiro Koshinaka, 2/6/86 (17:03)