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Dusty Rhodes Shoot Interview

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This is RF Video's biggest shoot interview to date. Join the "American Dream" as he shoots about the industry he has been involved with over the last 35 years. From stories about the early days involving the Funks, Superstar Billy Graham, Vince Sr. and more to stories about Vince Jr., the Crocketts and his son Dustin, The Dream has a unique and a one of a kind take on all of these personalities. Hear all about when he became the booker in Florida and his feud with Kevin Sullivan to tons of behind the scenes stories when he took over in the NWA. What really happened when the NWA took over Bill Watts' UWF, and was Dusty satisfied with his "Common Man" character in the WWF? From Flair and Tully, to Hogan, Bischoff and the N.W.O., it is all in here. Find out about Dusty's future, and what the prospects are with his future with ECW.