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Droz Shoot Interview DVD-R

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A survivor of one of the most horrifying accidents in wrestling history during WWE's boom period - Droz sat down for a one on one interview and held nothing back! This exclusive DVD covers Droz's entire career from the NFL to WWE and everything in between. Football fans are going to really enjoy Droz going in-depth on what the NFL was like behind closed doors! Droz went straight from football's biggest stage to wrestling's biggest stage upon joining WWE. Droz's signing was documented in the movie Beyond The Mat and for the first time ever you will be able to hear Droz's thoughts on that film.
Droz went into detail on his entire experience in the legendary heyday of ECW. Every hardcore fan will enjoy listening to Droz discuss the ECW locker room as well as giving his thoughts on his matches with ECW stars such as New Jack and Taz. Droz went straight from Philadelphia to New York and we were able to grill Droz on all the innerworkings of the WWE. Droz discussed all the big angles and matches he was involved in, including the infamous Brawl For All and the sensitive subject of working in the "new" Legion of Doom. Was Haw difficult to work with due to his problems outside of the ring? In this shoot, Droz will tell you straight out what it was like working with one of wrestling's most charismatic, yet troubled, wresters.
Droz describes exactly what happened in his career ending match against D-Lo Brown and explains what happened afterward. Droz talked about the accident and its ramifications for over thirty intense minutes. This is a shoot that every fan of the Attitude Era will want to watch as Droz was right in the middle of one of the most exciting times in wrestling history and gives his thoughts on all the big names at the time, such as Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and the Rock. Droz also gives his take on the many wrestling deaths in the past few years including Curt Henning, Chris Candido, and Bam Bam Bigelow. This is one shoot you will not want to miss!

Were you a fan growing up
Can you talk about your high school and college football careers
Did you play with anyone in high school or college that would later turn pro
Did you wrestle in school also?
Any good recruiting stories?
You played football at Maryland, did you ever go to the Baltimore Civic Center to see wrestling
At what point were you sure you could turn pro
Memories of draft day
Memories of playing with John Elway
How much time did you get
How much publicity did you get if any for puking during games
Did you get anymore playing time after the publicity for puking
What was the groupie or "bunny" scene like in the NFL
What was it like to play in the playoffs
Were steroids big in football during the times you played
How tough was it mentally when you were cut by the Broncos
How did you get into pro wrestling
What was the hardest thing about training
What were your expectations
Did any of your former teammates give you a hard time about being a wrestler
Was there anyone that you wanted to pattern your style after when you started
Memories of your first matches
How soon were you signed by the WWF
Was the meeting you had with Vince in Beyond the Mat your first meeting with him
What did you think of the movie