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D-Lo Brown Shoot Interview DVD-R

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There are some that reach the pinnacle of pro wrestling success the easy way. Then, there are some that take a long road to the top. D Lo Brown is a man who worked his way up from $5 a night to headlining WWE events with The Rock. D Lo finally breaks his silence and tells you a side of the story you won't hear anywhere else. RF Video is proud to present the D Lo Brown Shoot Interview.

D Lo has a very fascinating story and he started from the very beginning. D Lo came up through Jim Cornette's Smokey Mountain Wrestling. D Lo has some great stories about working with vets like the Rock and Roll Express and Tracy Smothers. D Lo talks in detail about what Jim Cornette has meant to his career. How did Jim Cornette mold D Lo from a New Jersey indy worker into a wrestler ready for the biggest show in the world? D Lo retraces his steps and tells you what it took to make the leap from SMW to the WWE.

Over ten years ago, RF Video sat down with one of D Lo's old SMW partners. RF Video talked to New Jack in a classic Shoot Interview back in 1997. New Jack was unkind to his old partner and told many disparaging stories about D Lo in the shoot. Did D Lo Brown really mow Jim Cornettes lawn? What did D Lo think when he heard New Jack's Shoot Interview? Have they talked since? D Lo finally gives his side of the story to RF Video.

D Lo goes into great length about his time in the WWE. D Lo talks about the integration into the locker room. D Lo talks about the early days of the Nation. How did he get along with Ron Simmons? How did the Nation change with The Rock? What was The Rock like at the stage in his career? Did D Lo have any hesitations about the racial aspects of the group? Why did the group work and not work in the end? Which member of the Nation did D Lo get into an argument with that turned physical? This is a great story and you will only hear it here in the interview.

D Lo was one of the original tag team partners of The Rock. D Lo was there when The Rock came up with the Peoples Elbow and went from opening card wrestler to world-wide sensation. D Lo talks about the ascension of The Rock from someone who was there. D Lo has a ton of great road stories about The Rock that you have never heard before. Hear about a side of The Rock for the first time anywhere in this classic RF Video Shoot Interview.

D Lo also breaks down all of the other personalities in this interview. D Lo talks about the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin. D Lo also has some very candid comments about Triple H. D Lo also talks about the backstage drama between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart he witnessed first-hand when he came into the WWE. What did D Lo see and what should we believe?

D Lo also talks about the many controversies involving WWE stars. D Lo talks openly about Chris Benoit, the murders, and the Benoit he knew. D Lo also tal ks about the night Owen Hart passed away. Should the show have gone on? What did he think about after the Montreal Screw Job? Hear what really went down from someone that was there to see it all on the WWE side of the line.

D Lo also opens up about one of pro wrestlings worst in ring accidents. D Lo relives the night that Darren Drozdov became paralyzed in a match. D Lo talks about what went wrong, what he was thinking, his initial reaction, the guilt, and questions about his own career. D Lo also talks about the relationship between Droz and he and where things stand today. This is a very emotional moment for D Lo and one of the few places you will hear the real story.

D Lo also talks about why he left the WWE, returned, and left again. What were the differences between both of his runs? Who does and doesnt he trust? Would he ever go back? D Lo also talks about his TNA Wrestling run. What does D Lo think of the TNA political structure? What are D Los thoughts on Vince Russo? Can Dixie Carter run a successful pro wrestling company? Will he be back? W hat are the inner differences between TNA and the WWE?

It is truly an honor to present one of the most interesting Sh