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Diva Diaries with Angelina Love DVD-R

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Angelina Love has always been beautiful even before she was one half of the Beautiful People. But her road to the top hasn't been as glamorous as her on screen persona will lead you to believe. There was a time when she was know as Angel Williams. A girl trying to catch a break on the indy scene in Canada.

Until one day when she landed a WWE Developmental contract and reported to Deep South Wrestling. All of her dreams were supposed to come true at that point and Angel Williams was going to be a household name. Well, needless to say that wasn't the case. But what was the end of the story for Angel Williams was the birth of Angelina Love and a successful TNA Wrestling career. A career that was almost stopped its prime over issues with her work visa.

Angelina goes into great detail about all her struggles in claiming her spot in pro wrestling. This is a must watch for any TNA Knockout fan.

Bonus Matches Angelina Love vs. Amber O' Neal - PWX She 4/26/13

  • Angelina Love vs. Portia Perez - WSU - The Show Must Go Now - 6/21/08
  • Angel Williams vs. ODB - IWA Mid South - Meeting of the Minds - 5/8/04
  • Total Aprox. Running Time: 2 hours