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Diva Diaries with Nikki Storm DVD-R

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Diva Diaries with Nikki Storm

"The White Chocolate Cheesecake of Sport Entertainment" sits down with Sojo Bolt to talk about her career and her travels around the globe.

Scotland native, Nikki Storm, discusses her tours of Europe and Japan and her debut in the United States for Shimmer and Shine. As fans of Nikki already know, she doesn't shy away from an opportunity to talk on camera and this interview is no different, particularly so when Sojo asks about her time on TNA's British Boot Camp 2.

While her Scottish accent may be tough to understand at times, her passion and love for pro wrestling rings true on this edition of Diva Diaries.

Bonus Match

Nikki Storm vs. Nevaeh - Queens of Combat 4 - (3/14/15)

Aprox Running Time: 1 hour 41 mins