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Dawn Marie Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Dawn Marie, who has been a part of the most controversial locker room in wrestling history, sat down with RF VIDEO and graced us with her first ever shoot interview. We got the inside skinny on all the hottest stories, including Dawn's infamous program with Tammy Sytch along with her rumored nuclear heat with Francine. In this exclusive interview you will hear for the first time ever what started the intense friction between the two and how it continued all the way up to their confrontation at One Night Stand.

Long time ECW fans are going to love Dawn Marie's first hand account of events and people she met within the company. Paul Heyman. Tommy Dreamer. Lance Storm. Simon Diamond. Johnny Swinger. Steve Corino. Bill Alphonso. There is not a rock unturned when covering Dawn's ECW tenure and she truly was an amazing woman with a razor sharp wit and even sharper intellect.

Dawn left the Madhouse of Extreme for the fishbowl of WWE and she gave us her thoughts on all the superstars she interacted with, including: Vince McMahon, the Rock, Steve Austin, Randy Orton, Sable, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and a whole lot more. We asked Dawn what she thought of her feud with Torrie Wilson and their infamous angle with Dawn's father, Al Wilson. You will see a new side of this incredible woman as Dawn is one of those rare individuals who knows how to tell a story. Her passion when describing Wrestler's Rescue, an organization whose mission is to help retired wrestlers, is nothing less than inspiring. A must watch for ECW and WWE fans!

How did you get started in wrestling
What was your background in modeling
Were you a fan before you got involved
Is it true that you worked in real estate before wrestling
Where did you go for training
Was it difficult being a girl in a business with so many men
What was the biggest preconceived notion you had about wrestling
Memories of your first matches
Is it true that Buddy Landel helped train you
How did you meet Pat and how did it develop into a relationship
What would you call your first big break before ECW
How did you wind up in ECW
Is it true that your first deal with ECW was very short term
Initial impressions of Paul Heyman
Initial impressions of the locker room
How friendly and helpful were the other girls
Initial impressions of Lance Storm
How did you guys develop chemistry
Memories of your feud wit h Tammy
Memories managing Simon and Swinger
Thoughts on Tammy
Was she helpful at all to you
Was it hard when you would start getting more over than Pat
Memories of Taz
Memories of Tommy Dreamer
Memories of Fonzie
Memories of RVD
Memories of Steve Corino
What were some of your favorite angles in ECW
When did your first check bounce
How did Paul react
Thoughts/memories when taz left
How did you wind up negotiating with WCW while in ECW
Who contacted you
What was Paul�s reaction
What influenced you to stay
Do you regret it
How different was it
Did problems ever reach a boiling point with you and Francine in ECW
Thoughts/memories about the night Mike Awesome left with the belt
Memories of the night he returned to drop the belt to Taz
Memories/thoughts of the XPW riot
Any good road stories from ECW
At what point did you realize it was serious and ECW was in jeopardy
When word was out on the Internet tha