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Jim Crockett Promotions - The Good Old Days DVD-R

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We have produced "shoot interviews" with wrestling legends before and we have even completed a bigger challenge, the Dynamite Kid Documentary funded on Kickstarter.

Now we have produced the definitive documentary on Jim Crockett Promotions and how that company impacted wrestlers, wrestling fans, and the wrestling world. We cover from it's beginnings up until it was sold to Ted Turner.

Thanks to your financial support, we have acquired the licensing rights to some never before seen handheld footage from Mr. George Pantas. Mr Pantas was a videographer that lived in Virginia and was given special permission by the promoters to shoot ringside. This footage was shot over the mid 70s to 1983 and will provide some fantastic B roll footage for the Crockett documentary. 

Footage for talents like Wahoo McDaniel, Greg Valentine, Paul Jones, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper, BlackJack Mulligan, and several more with NEVER BEFORE seen Arena footage. This is the only known footage of the Crockett promotion that is currently not owned by the WWE, so we're happy that it will now be part of the collection. We'll obviously use alot of this footage as "B roll" in the actual documentary...

Documentary Chapters Run Time - 2 hours


  1. Big Jim Crockett, Sr.
  2. Tag Teams
  3. John Ringley
  4. George Scott
  5. Valentine and Wahoo
  6. Plane Crash
  7. Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
  8. Rotating Bookers
  9. Dusty Gets the Job
  10. TBS
  11. Four Horsemen
  12. Magnum TA
  13. National Expansion
  14. Starrcade '87
  15. What Happened
  16. Legacy of Jim Crockett Promotions


  • Mid-Atlantic Memories
  • David Crockett Stories