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Classic Memphis Wrestling - All Roads Lead to Memphis DVD

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Corey Maclin presents Classic Memphis Wrestling! Step back in time to witness the greats that wrestled in Memphis!  An incredible history lesson as these legends are in action during their prime!

Everyone has to start somewhere. Well for a lot of main event preformers the Memphis territory was that place. This disc contains early footage of Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Rick Rude, The Undertaker, Sid Vicious, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, and many more. Discover what was yet to be discovered in some of the biggest names in pro wrestling.
Matches Included on this Disc:
  • Jerry Lawler vs. Hulk Hogan
  • Randy Savage vs. Jerry Lawler (Cage Match)
  • Rick Rude & King Kong Bundy vs. Jerry Lawler & Randy Savage (No DQ)
  • Master of Pain (The Undertaker) vs. Jerry Lawler