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Captain Lou Albano Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Enjoy this shoot interview with legendary wrestling figure, Captain Lou Albano!

Here is what Albano discussed: 

Talks about the WWWF back in the day. 
What was managing like in the early days? 
Info on the other managers of the era like The Grand Wizard and Freddie Blassie. 
What was Vince McMahon Sr. like to work for? 
His opinion on Vince McMahon Jr. 
Albano discusses the rise of WWF. 
How wrestling has changed. 
Does he like the current wrestling product? 
How the art of being a manager has changed over the years. 
Of course Albano gives the scoop on all the top stars like Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Snuka, Bob Backlund, Roddy Piper and all the old school stars.
Hear some war stories from back in the day. 
What happened when he got the Superfly splash? 
Ray Stevens-Jimmy Snuka feud 
Managing the British Bulldogs 
Tons of stories from the 70s 
Albano gives the details on all the top tag teams. 
How he would get fired at the WWF TV tapings and would get hired back a week later 
Cyndi Lauper feud 
The first Wrestlemania 
If you are a WWWF fan, this is for you!