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Brutus Beefcake Shoot Interview DVD-R

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This interview was also conducted during the Fall of 2000. Brutus talks about how he got started in the wrestling business in the Tampa area along with his childhood friend Hulk Hogan. Hear first hand stories about Hogan in his early days in the business. Relive the moments when Brutus traveled to Pensacola where Hogan and himself became mainstays as they developed their wrestling skills.

Brutus goes back in time to talk about the other territories he worked before the WWF. Find out how Brutus then got his job with the WWF and how the Brutus Beefcake character developed. Relive stories about the unbelievable road schedule that the WWF wrestlers had to endure plus Brutus tagging up with Greg Valentine to form the Dream Team. Hear all the stories about their WWF tag team victories and their legendary feud with the British Bulldogs.

Find out also about the transformation of the Beefcake character to Brutus the Barber. Did he like the new character and how was his relationship with Vince McMahon? Also find out exactly what happened with his departure from the WWF and his new role as Hulk Hogans ally in WCW.

Hear great stories about life in WCW and exactly how different it was compared to the WWF. Find out about his relationship with Eric Bischoff and did he enjoy his new role in the N.W.O. Also find out exactly what the Barber is up to these days.