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Brian Christopher Shoot Interview DVD-R

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He grew up in the shadow of his father, Jerry Lawler, before moving on to become Grandmaster Sexay in the WWF. Christopher speaks openly about everything from Memphis to his father to being half of Too Cool to being fired from WWF. Christopher delivers an entertaining and enlightening shoot. Here is what he talked about:

-Relationship with his father, Jerry Lawler.
-Being around the business when he was younger.
-His start in the business.
-Did "The King" approve of him entering the business.
-Early days with Tony Williams as the team The New Kids.
-His first heel turn and big push in Memphis.
-How did he develop his heel persona?
-Did other wrestlers give him trouble since he was being pushed despite the fact he was small and he was Lawler's kid?
-Why didn't they ever tell the audience he was Lawler's son in Memphis?
-He covers his feuds with Lawler, Jarrett and Pritchard.
-How did Memphis change once it became associated with WWF?
-He gives his opinion of Jarrett & Lawler going to WWF.
-Talks about his father's legal problems.
-All the details of his babyface turn.
-He gives the info on the angle where Paul Heyman revealed Lawler was his father.
-Downfall of Memphis.
-The scoop on going to WWF.
-Details of his matches vs. Taka Michinoku and other junior heavyweights in WWF.
-How he and Scotty 2 Hotty were put together as a team.
-The inside word on their matches vs. The Hardy Boyz.
-The development of Too Cool.
-How did Rikishi get in the mix?
-The rise of WWF's popularity.
-Views of his father and Stacy "Kat" Carter.
-Opinion of his father leaving WWF.
-What happened when he got caught with drugs in Canada?
-His apology.
-Talks about why he was wrong.
-How does he feel towards Vince McMahon?
-He discusses his future.