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Superstar Billy Graham Shoot Interview DVD-R

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One of wrestling's most entertaining, and controversial, personalities sat down to conduct one of the most riveting shoot interviews in recent memory. Billy Graham let it all out in a gripping interview that will have old school wrestling fans fondly remembering how good a talker "The Superstar" was during his heyday as he still has the magic in his story telling ability.
The past and future of wrestling is covered as Billy talks about his entire career, from his early days in Memphis all the way through his runs in WWF and Crockett. And we mean everything is covered, including his involvement in the Dr. Zahorian drug trial and Billy's treatment of Hogan and Vince at the time. We also got Billy to open up on the current goings on in the wrestling world, including the tragedies and ramifications of the Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit deaths. With a unique perspective, Graham explains the effects drugs have on the psychological state of a wrestler who is trapped in the non-stop world of professional wrestling. The Superstar also comments on being called onto the carpet by Ken Kennedy.
Have Billy and Hogan finally buried the hatchet? Can he tell the difference between a wrestler truly finding God and one who, as the Honky Tonk Man says, just joined the Oh Brother tour? Does Pat Paterson still hold a grudge against The Superstar? What were Billy's favorite and least favorite territories to work? These questions and many more are covered in this exclusive new shoot! A must have for old school wrestling fans!