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Best of AJ Styles (2000-2003) DVD

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The Best of AJ Styles from Wildside.

Travel down to Georgia to witness how a star is born and legends are formed. A young talented wrestler is given the opportunity to shine... and explodes like a super nova on the wrestling scene. Before there was TNA, this future superstar was making a name for himself among the throngs of Wildside wrestling fans. His style was one that caught the attention of fans all over thecountry. And it was matches like these, that created The Phenomenal AJ Styles!

  1. AJ vs. K-Kwick (K Krush)[2000]
  2. AJ vs. Lazz [2000]
  3. AJ vs. Romeo Bliss (Survivor's Bubba) [2000]
  4. AJ vs. Air Paris [2001]
  5. AJ vs. Adam Jacobs [2001]
  6. AJ vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Jason Cross vs. JC Dazz(4 way ladder match)[2001]
  7. AJ vs. David Young [2002]
  8. AJ vs. Rainman [2003]
  9. AJ vs. Seth Delay (Hardcore Hell 2004)

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