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Best Friends with Brian Myers DVD-R

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Kevin Steen is a hard act to follow, but Chuck Taylor and Trent? are going to give it their best and by best we mean getting drunk in a hotel room with their friends after BOLA2014. They want to call it "Poppin' Dogs and Talkin' Hogs" but will go with "Best Friends with Chuck and Trent?" for now. So check out the Best Friends "tryout" to be the next Kevin Steen and let us know what you think as we scour the globe for a new host!

On this "Poppin' Dogs and Talkin' Hogs" inaugural edition of Best Friends with Chuck and Trent? they sit down and slam some beers with Brian Myers formerly known as Curt Hawkins. It was a beautiful night in Los Angeles after BOLA 2014 Night 1, the cheap beer starts flowing and so do the stories being told in room 208. These guys could've easily went all night long but we wrapped them after 2 hours and 15 minutes of debauchery. So take your shirt off, tweet the rock, pop a dog, and grab this edition of the Best Friends show.

Topics include Dick Dancers/Ric Flair's Blood/Tweeting the Rock/Wipe Sitting or Standing/Ricardo's Balls/Peeing Out Windows/Cranking It TRT 2 Hrs 15 minutes