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Bart Gunn Shoot Interview DVD-R

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One of the most infamous moments in WWE history came when Bart Gunn legit knocked out "Dr. Death" Steve Williams in the Brawl For All toughman tournament in 1998. Gunn, now going as Mike Barton, stopped by for a no holds barred shoot interview that covers his entire career, including the Steve Williams knockout and its after effects. This is one story NO ONE has ever heard before and one you will not want to miss!
Barton discussed his entire career starting from his early days in Florida and how he met up with Kip James, previously known as Billy Gunn. Bart describes how the Smoking Gunns got into the WWE and talked about all the major tag teams they worked with in New York. The Road Warriors, the Steiner Brothers, the Public Enemy, Yokozuna and Owen Hart, Scott Hall and the 1,2,3 Kid, and many more are covered in this exclusive one-of-a-kind shoot. Learn all about the New Generation era of WWE from one of the larger tag team wrestlers of the time!
What was it like working with Bob Holly and Jim Cornette in the ill-fated New Midnight Express? How was it working with Sunny? What was the attitude in the WWE locker room when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash left for WCW? Barton covers all of those stories and many more in depth in this three hour shoot.
After Barton was all but blackballed from American wrestling following his loss to Butterbean at WrestleMania, he went over to Japan, and we were able to get one good story after another about All Japan, New Japan and Barton's foray into the growing world of MMA with K1 and Pride. This is one shoot that is super intense and will make even the most hardcore fan tap out!

Were you a fan growing up
Did you play sports in high school
How did your prior sports experiences help you in wrestling
How did you get started
What was the hardest thing about training
Memories of your first match
How did you meet Billy Gunn
At what point did you guys start teaming up in IWF
Did you know right away you had something special
Did you know right away that tag team wrestling would be your forte'
At what point did you get interest from Titan
Did you get any interest from WCW
What was the initial contact like
How soon did you wind up in the WWF
Do you remember meeting Vince for the first time and initial impressions
Was there any heat on you guys for being so green, yet getting signed
How were you mentally when you first went up there, was it a negative that you were signed after only being a pro for a year
What do you remember about your debut at King of the Ring
How did the Steiners treat you guys
Who did you bond with up there from the start
Did anyone intentionally work really stiff with you guys in the beginning
Initial memories of Hulk Hogan (I think that was his last show)
Initial impressions of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels
Memories of matches with Well Dunn
Memories of Lex Luger in and out of the ring
Does it bother you that Maxx Payne brought a camera on the road around this time and is now trying to sell it as a movie
Memories of getting your first tag belts, did it mean something to you or was it business
Memories of matches with the Bruise Brothers (Blu Brothers)
Memories of matches