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Barry Horowitz Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Barry Horowitz tells all!

Barry Horowitz was one of the best put-over guys in the business. He has wrestled for many of the more popular promotions all over the world including WWWF, WWf, WCW, NWA, Puerto Rico, Japan, and many more.
Barry Horowitz had his first pro match in 1979 after learning from one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the business: Boris Malenko. Learn how the Malenko family shaped the style of Barry and his views of the business.
Barry is very open on his thoughts of other wrestlers, some good thoughts, some bad, but either way Barry calls it like he sees it. Barry spent most of his career deemed as being a "Jobber". Barry has many candid things to say about this term and how it should be in the wrestling business. Barry holds nothing back in this interview especially with this topic. Barry talks about an incident where he slapped one of the members of ECW! You won't beleive what happened!

Barry talks about many of the wrestlers from the past and the present some of which include, Dynamite Kid, Hart Family, Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Buff Bagwell, British Bulldog, HHH, and many more.

Barry Horowitz shares his thoughts on wrestlings past, present, and future. He shares his honest opinions and holds nothing back. Don't miss this installment of the Highspots shoot interview series with Barry Horowitz.