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Barry Darsow Shoot Intervew DVD-R

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Barry Darsow who was formally Repo Man and Demolition Smash. He talked about his start in the early days from Florida to Mid Atlantic and Mid South. We talk about all his different gimmicks and how he became a Russian. Everything you ever wanted to know about him is discussed especially all of his major feuds with Jim Duggan, JYD, Rock 'n' Roll Express, Nikoali Volkoff, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Terry Taylor and Magnum TA. He talked in great detail about the riots that they caused in Mid South and how Bill Watts treated his talent. We also take a pit stop in Florida as we learn all about that promotion with Dusty, Sullivan, Graham, Guerreros and JJ Dillon. You want to hear how he ended up in the NWA well we find out. How did he get paired with Ivan and what were his thoughts on Nikita Koloff. We talk in great details about their feud with the Rock N Roll Xpress and all the greats of the NWA era. You will hear how he almost knocked out Crockett after a Starcade event. In fact it was the same event that Billy Jack Haynes talked about in his shoot. It must have been a rough night for the Crocketts. How did he end up going to the WWF and becoming one of the greatest tag teams of all time Demolition. What were his initial thought on Vince and teaming up with Axe? We talk about all of his infamous tag matches with Hart Foundation, Bulldogs, Powers of Pain, Tully and Arn, Rockers and of course the Road Warriors. Tully Blanchard gets some heat and you will find out why he had a problem with Tully. Find out about the problems they might have had with LOD. We talk in great detail why the team broke up and how he became the Repo Man in the WWF. We dont miss any of his feuds at all in this one. Why did he leave the WWF and go back to WCW and how did Arn Anderson help him land a job as Blacktop Bully. He talked about why he got fired after his truck blood bath match with Dustin and why he was brought back. This is a great interview if you want to hear about all your favorite wrestlers from the 80's and 90's. I will have more details on this in the near future.

Were you a fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
Is it true you went to school with went to school with Nikita Koloff, John Nord, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Tom Zenk and Brady Boone
Memories of each, who were you friendly with in those days
How did you break in, who trained you
What was his training like
Who else was in class
Why do you think so many of his wrestlers were successful
What was the hardest thing to pick up in training
Memories of your first match
How did you hook up with Bill Watts
Thoughts on Bill Watts as a booker and a boss
Any good Watts stories
Do you think Watts was a bully
Who gave you the Krusher Darsow gimmick
Memories teaming with Nikoali Volkoff
Memories of working shows with the Von Erichs
Memories of working with Kerry in Oklahoma City
Memories of your series with Duggan
Memories of matches with JYD
Memories of working Paul Boesch shows
Memories/thoughts on Ted Dibiase
Memories of Steve Williams'
memories of your matches with Magnum TA
memories of Mr. Wrestling 2
Memories of your series with Terry Taylor
How crazy were the crowds back then
Fav matches or moments
Talk about how hot the feud got
Do yo