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Austin Idol Shoot Interview DVD-R

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Finally his story can be told... the "Universal Heart Throb" Austin Idol shoot interview! has done it again and delivered another dream shoot interview. Austin Idol, The Universal Heart Throb, every womans pet and every man's regret sits down with the cameras rolling and he gets down to the meat of the matter.

This wrestling recluse has been in hiding for almost two decades but in true Austin Idol fashion when he returns to he makes it worth the wait. Idol's comments, thoughts, and opinions will shock you with their brutal honesty. Including the urban legend that has followed Austin for over 20 years involving a battle royal winner check that he cashed for over five thousand dollars.

Austin also discusses the fatal plane crash that not only could have ended his wrestling career but his life. The memories of the Memphis territory are still very fresh in Idol's mind and he is more than willing to share them us. From his time working with two young soon to be superstars, Randy Savage and Rick Rude, whom everyone refused to work with except Austin Idol. To his classic feud with Jerry Lawler and Tommy Rich which climaxed with Lawler getting his head shaved.

This two hour plus interview is an in-depth look at a man who is a plane crash survivor, risk taker in his personal life, and one of the most controversial figures that pro wrestling has ever seen. Watch and witness the grand return of Austin Idol to the professional wrestling world.