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APW Pro Wrestling Before They Were Stars Vol. 1 DVD

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See where today's top stars got their start!
  1. Prototype - Known now as WWE's John Cena
  2. Matt Hyson - Known now as WWE's Spike Dudley
  3. Dalip Singh - starred in the Longest Yard Movie
  4. Erin O'Grady - Known as WWE's Crash Holly
  5. AJ Styles - Now wrestling for TNA
  6. Christopher Daniels - Now wrestling for TNA
Everybody dreams of making it big, becoming a superstar and seeing their name in lights. For these stars, the dream came true, but they all had to start somewhere. Wrestling in warehouses, garages, any place that can fit in some chairs and a wrestling ring. For the first time, never before seen footage of today's top stars is made available for public viewing and it is something you just don't want to miss!