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The All American Girls - Amber O'Neal & Santana Garrett DVD-R

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Highspots sits down with the All American Girls, Amber O'Neal & Santana Garrett, for this exclusive interview!

Jake Manning sits down and talks with The All American Girls, Amber O' Neal and Santana Garrett. Here is a list of several topics that are discussed with these beautiful ladies :

  • Why wrestling?
  • Training
  • First match
  • Early promotions
  • Dating in wrestling
  • Shine
  • TNA
  • Dave McClain's WOW wrestling and their partnership
  • Mixed tag matches
  • Custom Matches
  • Sherri Martel or Miss Elizabeth, who would you rather be?
  • The most difficult thing about being a female wrestler?
  • Is the vibe at an all girl show better than at a regular show. Good or bad?
  • Importance of Social media
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

Bonus Match

  • The All American Girls (Amber O' Neal & Santana Garrett) vs. Amy Love & Amanda Rodriguez - PWX - It's All ABout Me (6/29/13)

Aprox. Running Time: 2hrs