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AJ Styles Shoot: The Phenomenal Interview DVD-R

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The Phenemonal AJ Styles is one of the hottest wrestlers today and now we have him in our shoot interview series. AJ is open and honest about a variety of topics, some of which will surprise and shock you.

AJ starts by telling memories of his childhood as an army brat and growing up as an athlete. He describes his humble beginnings in the wrestling business as a young upstart for NCW in Cornelia, Georgia. He describes the progression from NCW to NWA Wildside to the eventual NWA Anarchy that we know today. He discusses current stars to come out of the area, some of which include: Ron Killings, Air Paris, Jimmy Rave, and David Young.

He then goes on to tell stories of how he ended up in WCW and why he was signed. AJ made it to WCW in its dying days. He talks about life after WCW ended and what happened in his WWE dark matches. He then explains why he turned down a developmental deal with the company. Not many people can say they turned down a developmental deal with the WWE. Find out why AJ did!

AJ talks about the first time he wrestled Christopher Daniels and how it changed his career. AJ talks about the start of Ring of Honor and why he and other wrestlers took a break from Ring of Honor and almost never worked there again. Who in the company almost prevented AJ from staying?

AJ has many stories of the development of TNA and what his role in the company was and is today.

AJ also addresses the issue of WWE programming and the thought of him showing up on WWE television. His answer will surprise you!

AJ has things to say about many of today's stars including: Teddy Hart, Samoa Joe, Elix Skipper, Vince Russo, Shawn Michaels, Chris Sabin, Kid Kash and much more. Don't miss this exciting shoot interview with AJ Styles!
DVD Bonus
  • AJ matches from Wildside
  • Exclusive comments from Bill Behrens
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