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5 Dollar Wrestling LIVE V DVD-R

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At $5 Dollar LIVE 4 the whole landscape of $5 Wrestling changed when Jake Manning attacked Freight Train from behind and tried everything in his power to destroy $5 Wrestling. Every time Jake tried to kill $5 Wrestling, Freight Train was there to fight the good fight. Freight Train even went as far as making Jake say I Quit at the last $5 Dollar iPPV! Even after all the horrible things Jake did, Freight Train still felt sorry for him and still wished they could be friends.


A year later the $5 Dollar Wrestling fans find themselves looking for a chance to sit back and enjoy some sub par wrestling during the late night WrestleCon weekend. Until once again an evil man goes out of his way to ruin the party. This time that man is former ECW Champion, Steve Corino, and as usual Freight Train is man who is there to save the day!

Will Steve Corino derail the Freight Train?
Will Freight Train overcome evil once again?
Will Jake Manning get involved and finally put the nail in the coffin of $5 Wrestling?
Watch $5 Dollar LIVE 5 and find out!
Aprox. Running Time: 1 hr 8 mins