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101 Reasons Not to be a Pro Wrestler DVD

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101 Reasons Not to be a Pro Wrestler is by far the most talked about pro wrestling movie since Beyond the Mat. Wrestling fans always want to know what pro wrestler really think about being fired, being held down, the creative process,ribs, mixed martial arts, setting up a match, backyard wrestling, forming a union, the monopoly of the pro wrestling industry, drugs and Vince McMahon.

101 Reasons Not to be a Pro Wrestler is a 3 hour long documentary filled with the biggest names in pro wrestling today such as New Jack, Vampiro, Diamond Dallas Page, Tylene Buck, Predator from Zero-One and MMA fame,Joanie Laurer (formerly known as Chyna), Psichosis, Nozawa, Babi Slymm,Sean O'Haire,Fatu (formerly known as Rikishi), Konnan and more...
Much of what the wrestlers have to say is shocking and surprising, so get ready to hear the truth about the pro wrestling industry directly from some of the biggest names in the wrestling industry today.
Follow New Jack through the streets of Hollywoodand experience what it's like to drink withJoanie Laurer out of the trunk of her car.You'll get to see exclusive footage of New Jack and Vampiro on the set of a commercial shoot that develops into avery risky situationand dramatic encounter between NewJack and Vampiro. 101 Reasons Not to be a Pro Wrestleris one of the biggest wrestling DVD's to ever be released, so make sure you order your copy now!
Also included in the 101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler DVD movie is a never before released New Jack match that pits him against a 72 year old wrestling veteran (Gypsy Joe) that nearly breaks out into a full scale riot when New Jack legitimately attacks the old man with a chain, chairs and a metal baseball bat covered in barbed wire. The footage is insane!
3 hours long!
Plus 2 hours in bonus footage featuring interview clips and backstage footage!